Visiting Togo?

English learners - do you have difficulty choosing the right preposition when talking about movement?

I’m going in China...... I’m going to China. Which is correct?

If you can remember a very simple learning aid, your problems will be solved.

Togo is a tropical, sub-Saharan country in West Africa. It’s a French-speaking nation and one of the smallest in Africa.

A great place for English learners

As a student of English, its name is important for you as it will help in avoiding a very common grammar mistake.

All you need to do is remember this sentence:

Go to Togo

Go to Togo. This will remind you to use ‘to’ with ‘go’, when talking about movement; not ‘in’.

• I’m going to Spain
• They’ve gone to Paris for a week
• Is he going to the rugby match?

And then you can apply the same rule for other verbs of movement.

• He usually cycles to work
• We drove to the bank.
• She walked to her neighbour’s house.
• They’re flying to Australia.

Just remember: Go to Togo!

Go to Togo